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Data Privacy & Transatlantic Trade Negotiations

The ‘cultural exception‘ spat between the United States and France is getting most of the attention in the imminent EU-USA transatlantic trade negotiations–known as the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP).  However, lookout for data, especially in light of the PRISM revelations, this is something else that could derail the trade talks.  From the Financial Times:

“With all the information we’ve found out in recent days about how easily the US spies on people’s private data I think it will be difficult for the Americans to oppose a strong data protection agreement,” said Hannes Swoboda, leader of the socialist members of the European parliament.

“This issue is very critical for us in Europe . . . there will be growing resistance against an agreement with the US unless there are some clear guarantees form their side that our European principles of data protection are respected.”

Given France’s current hardline stance on cultural representation in the media, the Obama administration might be able to offer some concessions by acquiescing to some of the European concerns on internet data privacy policies.