My Policy Brief on the “Right to be forgotten”

I have uploaded my final report synthesizing the information that I have been exploring over the past few weeks.

The final report and presentation can be accessed here, with additional recommended resources here. There is also a dedicated page at the top on the menu bar.

This policy brief is an overview of the European Union’s proposed policies on digital privacy as announced on January 25, 2012. It has been prepared for the benefit of US business interests as represented by the US Chamber of Commerce

The brief provides the following information:

  • Key facts and goals of the proposed legislation.
  • Assumptions that may have shaped the way proposed legislation is framed.
  • A brief assessment of the proposed legislation’s strengths and its policy gaps.
  • A few suggestions for how an entity like the US Chamber of Commerce can engage with Europe on this matter.

I hope that the report will be useful, and I welcome any comments and feedback.   Although it is my final report on this particular topic, it is certainly not the end of the blog, and I will continue to share my thoughts on various issues related to international affairs, culture,  social media, and other technology related news.