This page has resources that will point you to information on the right-to-be-forgotten.  There are a variety of links ranging from official policy documents, to Wikipedia links on related background issues (such “Big Data”).

European Union

EU institutions and other bodies: The EU governing structure.

Protection of personal data: EU’s internet hub that collects issues related to personal data protection on the internet

Directive 95/46/EC: The original 1995 legislation on individual data rights that is being updated.

Viviane Reding Biography (Wikipedia): Commissioner Reding is the incumbent (as of June 2013) European Commissioner for Information Society and Media.

Legislation unveiled (video): Commissioner Reding unveils the right to be forgotten.

US Chamber of Commerce

US Chamber of Commerce: Website of the US Chamber of Commerce.

Internet Security: Internet security essentials as seen by the chamber.


Data Protection, Guardian: The Guardian’s archive of news reports on internet and data issues.

Data Protection , Washington Post: The Washington Post’s archive of news reports on internet and data issues.

Policy Experts

Jeffrey Rosen: American academic on legal affairs. He has written a lot of scholarly work on internet privacy. He is currently writing at the New Republic.

Gregory Shaffer: Professor of Law with expertise in international trade law and European Union Law.  He has also worked with the WTO.

EU Data Privacy Rules for a Digital Economy (video): A discussion session hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies with senior European and US policymakers.

Anti-Legislation Actors

Google: Google’s public policy blog.

Facebook: Facebook’s statement of rights and responsibilities.

Related Issues

Big Data: An archive from technology website Mashable, with posts about how data on the internet affects day-to-day life.  The articles are from a variety of policy areas and social issues.

Cybersecurity, DHS: US government cyber security hub from the Department of Homeland Security.

CoE Conference (video):  From the video description, “On 24 and 25 November 2011, the Council of Europe organised the Conference “Our Internet – Our Rights, Our Freedoms” – Towards the Council of Europe Strategy on Internet Governance 2012 – 2015″

TTIP, EU website:  The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a set of ongoing negotiations that begun on June 14, 2013. The EU and United States are aiming to remove trade barriers to make ti easier to buy and sell goods and services.


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