Google Fiber can be a game-changer in the US internet industry

With Google Fiber’s new roll-out of their internet service in Kansas City, MO, there is the potential for them to change the way internet is delivered and consumed in the United States.  First, they are offering VERY CHEAP (almost free) internet.  Second, NO CAPS.  This begs the question–if they can do this, why can’t Verizon or Comcast? Now a business or a corporation needs to make their money, nobody is expecting free internet from mainstream, traditional companies like ATT.  However, clearly there is some collusion in the industry as one can see in their refusal to truly innovate or increase bandwidth speeds.

There should also be a selfish incentive for the United States to want a fast internet.  It’s no longer the industrial age, it’s the information age now, and the global knowledge economy of the future may depend a lot on the robustness, breadth and depth of internet delivery available to populations. The United States is not even in the top 30 countries in the world on internet speed (full rankings can be found at the Net Index), which is strange for a nation in which elected officials often boast about their intent on keeping America number 1 in everything.

I am pro-google guy myself, I think they remain an innovative company, that is still generally consumer oriented.  While Google Fiber itself may not go nationwide, and while the internet is not going to be free, let’s hope that they can move the industry towards their vision.

Google Fiber— What You Get For:

$120/month (with 2-year contract)

  • 1 gigabit-per-second downloads and uploads
  • Cable-like “full channel TV lineup” (major networks plus standard basic cable offerings—Animal Planet to the Weather Channel)
  • Nexus 7 tablet
  • Set-top box, Ethernet/Wi-Fi router, 2TB DVR
  • 1TB Google Drive cloud storage

$70/month (with 1-year contract)

  • 1 gigabit-per-second downloads and uploads
  • Ethernet/Wi-Fi router
  • 1TB Google Drive cloud storage

$300 one-time startup fee (can be divided into 12 monthly payments)

  • 5 megabyte-per-second downloads, 1 megabyte-per-second uploads
  • Ethernet/Wi-Fi router
  • Free service guaranteed for 7 years

Visit the google fiber site for the full details on Google Fiber


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