Media Narratives (re: US Debt Ceiling)

Often something gets repeated over and over and then it just get’s accepted as fact.  If you are following the  US Debt ceiling, cluster@(#*$ then you must have heard the charge that “Democrats have not proposed any budgets”.  This is demonstratably false.  It’s  just a matter of counting.

In Fiscal Year 2012, i.e. the GOP has proposed four budgets.  (1) Paul Ryan’s budget, (2) an even more conservative budget that the House released at the same time, (3) Sen. Toomey’s (PA) budget and their newest addition, (4) Sen. Coburn’s (OK) budget.

Meanwhile on the Democrat side, there has been (1) the President’s FY2012 budget, (2) the liberal budget proposed by the Progressive Caucus in the House and (3) Sen. Conrad’s (ND) budget.

Now forget the politics–politicians will be politicians, so it’s par the course if either party looks to embarrass the other party.   That said, what is the media’s excuse?  I haven’t seen any editorial observe this, or I have not seen that claim challenged on Meet the Press, or any press conferences.   In fact the Congressional Progressive Caucus’s budget is only mentioned on left-leaning blogs like Huffington Post and Daily Kos.  Interesting.

One is greater than zero, so no, it's not true that the Democrats "haven't proposed a budget".


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